26 country pavilions and more than 80 cultures to join Global Village season 26 lineup – Gulf News

Iraq Pavilion will contribute new excitement to the Global Village shopping experience
Dubai: Global Village in Dubai, region’s leading multicultural family destination for culture, shopping, and entertainment, has confirmed the 26 pavilions that will be open in its 26th season. With authentic products and hidden gems from around the world, the pavilions are an essential pillar of the park’s success and vast popularity, attracting and delighting millions every season. This year, both mainstay and new boutiques will come together for more unforgettable multicultural adventures from more than 80 different cultures.
The addition of the brand new Iraq Pavilion will contribute some new excitement to the Global Village shopping experience this season. Each Season, artisans, entrepreneurs and artists from all corners of the world arrive in Global Village to offer authentic experiences and to bring their culture, creativity, and heritage to Dubai. Guests delight in the exceptional concepts and unusual products which make for a really unique shopping experience.
Every season loyal visitors discover new and interesting cultural shopping at all the pavilions and the Global Village team is working hard to ensure the offering is as authentic as possible. The new Iraqi Pavilion is joining the Global Village family this year allowing guests to enjoy some of the rich culture this beautiful country has to offer.
By downloading the Global Village app, guests can search for different types of products and get easy directions to the right shops through the award-winning navigation functionality making shopping even easier this season. The cultures represented this season include UAE, KSA, Bahrain, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Africa, Americas, China, Egypt, Europe, India, Iran, Iraq, Japan, South Korea, Lebanon, Morocco, Pakistan, Palestine, Syria, Thailand, Turkey, Yemen, and Russia. The Al Sana’a and Khalifa Foundation pavilions are also returning with local entrepreneurs who will be taking advantage of the Global Village platform to grow their business and allow Global Village guests to be among the first to discover hot new products!
Global Village aficionados will soon be able to reserve and purchase their VIP packs as preparations continue for the October 26, 2021 opening. VIP packs will only be available for sale online through the Virgin Megastore Tickets website starting September 4.

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