Abu Dhabi slashes licensing fees to Dh1,000 – Gulf News

It includes the reduction in municipal fees collected for authentication – Tawtheeq
Dubai: Abu Dhabi government has reduced the licensing fees for all economic activities in the emirate to Dh1,000. The decision includes the reduction in municipal fees collected for authentication (Tawtheeq) and registration of economic facilities.
In addition, the government decided to cancel the service providers’ fees and the waste producers’ tariff. Yearly municipal fees for authentication and registration of economic facilities’ lease contracts have been set at Dh50.
Tariff paid to the Abu Dhabi Waste Management Centre – Tadweer as well as the activities fees, and the fees collected for Certificate of Conformity (COC) by Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Authority have been cancelled.
Membership fee for Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ADCCI) has been reduced to Dh50.
“The Abu Dhabi government’s continuous efforts to improve the economic climate and stimulate private establishments and investors in the Emirate have contributed to a more robust and balanced economic development in the region,” said Dr. Salem Khalfan Al Kaabi, Director-General of the Abu Dhabi Waste Management Centre – Tadweer. “The decision to reduce the fees for economic activities in Abu Dhabi is a step that aims at opening the door for new investors to enter the market in the emirate.”
Mohamed Helal Al Muhiri, General Director of ADCCI, said that “The reduction of government fees for commercial activities is considered a new initiative within the stimulating initiatives provided by the Abu Dhabi government to enable the private sector in the emirate.”
He also emphasized that fees reduction will help increase trust, transparency and mitigate the administrative burdens of investors, particularly entrepreneurs of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). As this will contribute to the continuity, growth and prosperity of businesses.
The Abu Dhabi government’s new decision sets Dh790 for issuing an economic activity licence, including fees for all local authorities concerned with economic licensing, and Dh890 for licence renewal, only Dh10 for licensing procedures.
In addition to Dh50 as a trade name issuance fee, Dh100 for adding an economic activity, and Dh500 as fees for adding an industrial product on the licence.

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