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Passengers arriving from Green List countries exempted from quarantine
Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi has once again updated its ‘Green List’ of countries, regions and territories, with the latest list effective from today including 33 different places.
The places on the updated Green List include:
1. Albania
2. Armenia
3. Australia
4. Austria
5. Bahrain
6. Belgium
7. Brunei
8. Bulgaria
9. Canada
10. China
11. Czech Republic
12. Germany
13. Hong Kong (SAR)
14. Hungary
15. Jordan
16. Kuwait
17. Malta
18. Mauritius
19. Moldova
20. Netherlands
21. New Zealand
22. Poland
23. Republic of Ireland
24. Romania
25. Saudi Arabia
26. Serbia
27. Seychelles
28. Singapore
29. South Korea
30. Sweden
31. Switzerland
32. Taiwan, Province of China
33. Ukraine
Quarantine exemption
Passengers arriving from these Green List destinations will be exempt from mandatory quarantine measures after landing in Abu Dhabi emirate, and will only be required to undergo PCR testing upon arrival at Abu Dhabi Airport. Those who are fully vaccinated then need to undergo a follow-up PCR test on Day 6, whereas others need to undergo follow-up PCR tests on Day 6 and Day 9.
In contrast, vaccinated travellers arriving from places not on the Green List must quarantine for seven days, with a follow-up PCR test on day 6. Those who are not yet vaccinated must quarantine for 10 days if they have returned to Abu Dhabi from a place not on the Green List, and undergo a follow-up PCR on Day 9.
The DCT has previously clarified that the Green List only applies to where passengers have arrived in Abu Dhabi from the specified places, and is not based on citizenship. Inclusion on the list is subject to strict criteria of health and safety to ensure the well-being of the UAE community, it added.
Quarantine exemptions are also offered in Abu Dhabi to people using travel corridors with Bahrain, Greece, Serbia and Seychelles as long as travellers are fully vaccinated, i.e., they have received their final vaccine dose at least 28 days before travel.

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