Animal-assisted therapy launched in Dubai to help victims of abuse – Gulf News

Programme to be used for women, children under Dubai Foundation for Women and Children
Dubai: The Dubai Foundation for Women and Children (DFW) has launched a unqiue and innovative animal-assisted therapy programme at its Expo 2020 site to heal women and children who have been victims of abuse.
The programme, sponsored by Himalaya global mangement company, has been introduced for the first time in the UAE and Sheikha Saeed Al Mansouri, acting director general of Dubai Foundation for Women’s and Children, spoke at the ceremony held to honour the partners and supporters of the programme.
Sheikha Saeed said, “The foundation strives to contribute to the development of our society and to serve all members of the community by providing social services in a sustainable manner, and we believe that achieving this goal can only be done through building real and effective partnerships that contribute in raising social standards.”
The event was held in the presence of Ahmed Darwish Al Muhairi, chairman of the board of directors of DHW.
Sheikha Saeed pointed out that the therapy was unique in its approach as it could replace or even complete the traditional psychotherapy sessions. Psychotherapy often incorporates animals into its treatment modules. Animals such as horses, dogs, rabbits, fish,and birds are known to improve people’s social performance ,psychological and adaptive functioning, especially in cases where indivuduals have gone through strong trauma or negative experience like illness, loss, violence, abuse and exploitation, This programme targets the clients of Dubai Foundation for Women and Children that are victims of violence and exploitation.
The programme’s partners, Dubai Police (K-9) and Al Marmoom Initiative, as well as the programme’s supporters, American Wellness Centre and Posh Paws Pets Nursery and Trading, were recognised for their support.

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