Bahrain to build data center to boost digital transformation – Gulf News

The initiative’s main hub in Bahrain will serve all member states of the Arab League
Dubai: A new multi-million regional data center is set to be built in the Kingdom of Bahrain to promote collective digital transformation. The Arab League’s Arab Federation for Digital Economy (AFDE) has partnered with ATDXT LLC, UAE based digital transformation company, to launch digital transformation hub in Bahrain. The hub will focus on data protection, enhancing security, and rendering digital transformation solutions.
“This partnership will enable us to contribute to the transformation of the digital outlook of the countries of the Middle-East and to continue to provide leading services to our citizens, residents and region as a whole,” said Abdullatif bin Rashid Al Zayani, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kingdom of Bahrain
The initiative’s main hub in Bahrain will serve all member states of the Arab League. All member countries partaking in the initiative can leverage these solutions hosted in Bahrain, which is a key driver behind the Gulf’s overall digital economy transformation efforts. These solutions will be focused on supporting both government and private sector entities in Arab League member states, with the aim of improving the competitiveness of Arab economies and fostering their integration into the global economy.
“The focus of this initiative will remain to be on digital transformation enablement, that will improve competitiveness of the Arab nations, and foster their integration into the global economy,” said GS Murthy, Founder & Executive Chairman, ATDXT Group.
ATDXT’s eco-friendly, green, in-country, data center in Bahrain is designed as a technology solution hub to host advanced technologies and digital transformation solutions, which will be servicing Arab league states. These solutions will be extended to also be hosted locally in Arab league member nations such as the UAE, Oman, KSA, Morocco, Kuwait, and Jordan in the first phase with other states to follow soon after.

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