Bollywood actor Manoj Bajpayee files defamation case against KRK – Gulf News

Bollywood actor filed a complaint against the self-proclaimed critic in Indore Court
After Bollywood actor Salman Khan filed a defamation case against self-proclaimed critic Kamaal Rashid Khan, also known as KRK, for his alleged derogatory tweet against him, it’s now the turn of Indina National Award-winning actor Manoj Bajpayee to do the same.
According to reports, his lawyer filed a defamation case in an Indore Court against KRK for his snide remarks. ‘The Family Man 2’ also actor appeared before the court to record his statement and is urging the court to register a criminal defamation case in the matter.
Bajpayee filed the criminal complaint in the court of judicial magistrate first class (JMFC) against KRK (46) under Indian Penal Code section 500 (punishment for defamation).
His lawyer Paresh S Joshi said KRK tarnished that actor’s image in a tweet posted on July 26 in connection with his new web series ‘The Family Man Season 2’. In the provocative tweet, KRK accused Bajpayee of being addled with substances and claimed that he doesn’t review web shows featuring alleged drug addicts.
It’s not the first time that KRK has rubbed the actors the wrong way with his abrasive remarks.
Recently, actor Salman Khan had also filed a defamation case against KRK for his alleged derogatory and intensely personal tweets. While KRK claimed Khan’s team had filed a case due to the bad review he gave to the actor’s film ‘Radhe’, his team clarified that the defamation case had nothing to do with his scathing review, but with his comments that personally attacked Khan.

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