Brave female paramedic saves life of trapped Indian truck driver after accident – Gulf News

Ohoud Abdul Rahman Al Serkal pulls out driver from damaged vehicle in time
Sharjah: Showing enough presence of mind and quick thinking, Ohoud Abdul Rahman Al Serkal, a female paramedic belonging to National Ambulance, saved the life of a truck driver who was trapped in his vehicle in Sharjah Industrial Area 12.
The driver had met with an accident after his truck rammed into a tree. The 42-year-old Indian driver, who was identified as S.N., had sustained a head injury.
It was past midnight when the accident took place. Police investigation revealed that the driver was under the influence of alcohol when he rammed into the tree. Police patrols and paramedics reached the site after police received a call about the accident.
Timely action by Ohoud Abdul Rahman Al Serkal, a female paramedic, saved the driver’s life. The windows of the driver’s vehicle were tightly shut and the driver was bleeding from his head. Al Serkal then broke open the window as she feared that the driver could die due to lack of oxygen. After the driver was extricated from the vehicle, Al Serkal provided him with necessary medical assistance until the rescue team reached the spot.
The driver was then safely transported to Kuwaiti Hospital for further treatment.

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