COVID-19: Abu Dhabi updates green list to 29 countries – Gulf News

Travellers from these countries can visit the capital without having to quarantine
Abu Dhabi has updated its “green list” of destinations to include 29 countries, according to the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT).
The new list is effective from midnight UAE time on Thursday, where travellers can visit the capital without having to quarantine.
The updated list includes:
The list is updated based on developments in the global spread of the COVID-19, and the names of the authorised countries may change, DCT said in a statement.
With regard to safe travel corridors, DCT clarified that if passengers were fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 (and received the final dose at least 28 days before travel), they will also not be required to quarantine when traveling between Abu Dhabi and the following countries:
Earlier on Thursday, the Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee updated the procedure to enter Abu Dhabi emirate from within the UAE, for vaccinated citizens, residents and visitors, effective Friday.
According to the updated procedures, those vaccinated and participants in a clinical trial can enter Abu Dhabi if they have green pass and an active E or star icon on Alhosn app. A PCR test is required to show the E/star icon, which remains active for 7 days.
No further testing after entering Abu Dhabi is required for those vaccinated and participants in a clinical trial with green pass and an active E or star icon on Alhosn if remaining in the emirate. Visitors from abroad should also follow the relevant travel protocol.
The current testing procedures for those unvaccinated to enter the emirate remains the same. This requires a PCR test within 48 hours of entry or a DPI test within 24 hours of entry, as well as multiple additional tests if remaining in the emirate.

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