COVID-19: Full vaccination mandatory on Saudi domestic flights – Gulf News

Travellers under 12 or with medical problems are exempted
Cairo: Saudi Arabia’s national carrier has started applying a travel update allowing only fully vaccinated passengers on domestic flights in the kingdom.
Saudia had earlier announced that starting from September 1, full vaccination against COVID-19 is mandatory for boarding domestic flights inside the kingdom.
According to the latest restriction, the passenger’s health status on the smartphone app “Tawakkalna” must show he/she has been fully inoculated against COVID-19.
Exemptions are made for travellers aged under 12 or those whose “Tawakkalna status shows they are exempted from vaccination due to medical reasons.
Last December, Saudi Arabia initiated a mass vaccination campaign against COVID-19. Over 37 million doses have since been administered across the kingdom, according to the latest figures from the Health Ministry.

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