COVID-19 infections down by 62% in August compared to January – Gulf News

UAE has adopted necessary measures to ensure the return to a new and safe normalcy
Abu Dhabi: The UAE has reported significant decline in the total number of COVID-19 cases across the country since the beginning of the year.
According to Dr. Farida Al Hosani, Official Spokesperson of the Health Sector, the UAE has witnessed a remarkable decline in the number of COVID-19 cases, which decreased by 62 per cent in August compared to January 2021.
Speaking during the UAE Government Media Briefing, Al Hosani attributed this decline to the effective response of the country’s health system to crisis and its readiness to deal with all cases. This is in addition to expanding the scope of testing nationwide, which facilitated the early detection of coronavirus cases and helped carry out the necessary treatment.
Dr. Al Hosani said the UAE has adopted flexible strategies, noting its fast and proactive decision-making process aimed at addressing the pandemic’s repercussions and reaching full recovery.
The country’s initiatives and efforts have led to the adoption of necessary measures to ensure the return to a new and safe normalcy, she added, noting the health sector is continuing its efforts to and acquire immunity by offering vaccines to eligible people.
She then stressed 87.19 percent of the population have taken their first vaccine dose while 76.12 percent has taken both doses.
“The health sector has harnessed its efforts and capabilities in terms of research and clinical trials to ensure vaccine efficacy. Today, we have achieved satisfactory and safe results in terms of national vaccine distribution rates. Therefore, we appreciate the public’s trust in the work of the health sector,” Dr. Al Hosani said.
“From January to August 2021, we have witnessed a significant decrease in infections, amounting to 62 percent,” she further added, noting infections in January totalled 95,787 cases while August recorded 36,516.
She attributed this decline to several factors, most notably the readiness of the health system and its rapid response, as well as the expanding scope of national COVID-19 testing aimed at reducing infections and providing adequate treatment on time, in addition to promoting a culture of regular testing.
The price of PCR tests was reduced to AED50, and safe vaccines are available for all age groups and all segments of the community, she further said.
Dr. Farida Al Hosani pointed out that vaccine booster shots, which is an additional dose taken after the first two doses, also helped strengthen people’s immunity and decreased the number of infections.
She then highlighted the positive role of community members and their full adherence to the precautionary measures, which contributed to the country’s success in reducing infections and containing the pandemic.
Al Hosani stressed the importance of vaccinating students with the start of the new academic year, affirming the vaccines available in the country are safe for all age groups.
“Our message to parents is that our children are the source of our joy, and our duty is to protect their health and safety. The vaccine encourages the immune system to produce antibodies, therefore, reducing the possibility of contracting the virus. We wish them a good academic year full of success,” she stated.
Dr. Al Hosani welcomed people coming from abroad, noting the importance of their adherence to all precautionary measures during their summer holiday, as well as undergoing the necessary tests and committing to the appropriate quarantine period upon arrival.
The UAE is taking applications for tourist visas from vaccinated people from around the world, underscoring its keenness to protect the health and safety of citizens, residents and visitors, as well as to achieve sustainable recovery across all sectors, including the economic sector, she added, stressing adhering to precautionary measures and performing regular tests will help curb the pandemic’s spread.
“Community coherence is currently essential, and we all must adhere to relevant precautionary measures. We have returned to workplaces, our children have returned to schools, and the capacities of businesses have increased, proving the country’s strategic balance succeeded in reaching the recovery period. We appreciate your commitment and sense of awareness, and we urge you to continue supporting the country’s efforts to contain the virus,” she said in conclusion.

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