COVID-19: Oman free of curfew; lockdown removed from today – Gulf News

From September 1, entry to public places will only be for those who are fully vaccinated
Muscat: From today, there will be no lockdown in Oman. The partial lockdown that was in place until yesterday from 10pm till 4am has ended effective today. Announcing this last week, Supreme Committee said the lifting of the lockdown was due to the reducing number of COVID-19 infections in Oman.
Oman has been regularly imposing lockdowns whenever there was a spike in infections. The recent lockdown was imposed just prior to the Eid Al Adha holidays.
The 24-hour coffee shops and convenient stores will open once again. However, from September 1 onwards entry to most of the public places as well as offices in Oman will require the public to show they have been fully vaccinated. The free vaccination campaign for expatriates who can’t afford it is in full swing in various regions of Oman.
Gassan Al Jamali, a businessman based in capital Muscat, said this was the time to tread carefully as the vaccines can only do so much. “Fighting the infection will not be an uphill task if you are vaccinated, but as everyone has been saying, taking vaccine is not a guarantee against COVID-19. Masks and social distancing should continue to be the norm for some more time, as also avoiding all sorts of gatherings.”

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