Dubai: Wife finds husband with another woman after receiving food delivery app notification – Gulf News

Dubai court finds the man not guilty for lack of strong evidence
Dubai: A Dubai-based man has been cleared of physically assaulting his wife after she caught him in a hotel apartment with another woman.
According to the Dubai Court of First Instance, the 32-year-old Jordanian man caused five per cent disability to his wife.
Records show the woman received a notification on her smart phone from a food delivery app about a purchase of an order at a hotel apartment in Al Barsha area. The couple were using the same account on the food delivery app.
“I called the restaurant to verify and they told me that the delivery was made at a hotel apartment. I went to the address and my husband opened the door. There was a woman with him inside,” said the woman in official records. She lost her temper and the couple fought with each other.
“He assaulted me using his hands and kicked me. I tried to call the police but he took my phone, I assaulted him back and managed to call the police.”
The husband left the area and she went to Rashid Hospital to get a medical report.
She said a divorce case was ongoing at the Dubai Personal Status Court. The defendant denied the charge and claimed that he was sitting in the hotel apartment with a friend when his wife attacked him.
“I took her phone in order to calm her but she attacked me. Neighbours stepped outside their rooms and tried to stop the attack,” said the husband in official records.
He claimed that the injuries in the medical report were old and had been sustained by his wife while horse-riding and diving.
A witness testified that he saw the couple fighting each other outside the room in June last year. Dubai Court of First Instance found the husband not guilty due to lack of strong evidence. Dubai Court of Appeal upheld the verdict.

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