Egyptian kills brother, cuts body into parts, throws them in garbage – Gulf News

The barber allegedly wanted to steal brother’s money and pay off his debts
Dubai: An Egyptian barber allegedly killed his older brother, cut his body into small pieces, put the chopped parts in plastic bags and threw them in the garbage, local media reported.
The murderer is said to have killed his brother in order to steal his money to pay off his debts.
Tthe Imbaba Police station of in Giza received a report about black plastic bags containing legs of a male amputated below the knee.
Police immediately launched an investigation into the incident and managed to identify the victim. Preliminary investigations revealed the victim’s brother might have something to do with the crime as he was living close to the area where the body parts were found.
Upon being arrested, the suspected admitted to throwing the bags containing his brother’s body parts. The victim was also a barber, and resided in the same home.
“I was going through some financial hardships and asked my brother to help me, but he refused. This has angered me because I know that he was well off and had enough money. So, I decided to kill him. I lured him to an apartment that we recently rented and strangled him to death with a plastic rope.
“I took his mobile phone, cut his body into parts, hid them in plastic bags and threw them in different places. Afterwards, I moved to my brother’s shop to steal the money,” the killer said in his confession.
The accused was referred to the Egyptian Public Prosecution, which decided to imprison him for four days pending an investigation.

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