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Exalto represents over 110 reputed international manufacturers
For Exalto Emirates, the journey began as it set sail in 1994. In less than three decades, the company positioned itself as the number one marine equipment and supplies distributor of premium brands in the Middle East.
Today, Exalto represents over 110 reputed international manufacturers of high-quality marine parts, equipment and accessories. It is the first port of call for various marine industries — from pleasure to commercial, offshore oil and gas to government services. Exalto takes immense pride in being able to provide a comprehensive portfolio of products. So, whether you are a marine industry professional or a boating enthusiast, a boat builder or a shipyard, a service operator or a fleet owner, Exalto Emirates can fulfill your requirements.
Exalto’s head office is located in Sharjah. This allows the company to efficiently supply within the UAE, across the GCC, the greater Middle East, Africa, the Indian subcontinent and beyond. It also has a large and well-stocked warehouse to meet any customer needs as well as a service centre that provides seamless support for installation, commissioning, service and warranty. Exalto Emirates’ team of professionals includes a number of marine, mechanical and electrical engineers and naval architects, which allows the company to provide specialised engineering and design advice for all manner of projects, customised to any requirement.
Exalto Emirates’ purpose as a brand and a business is to ‘Do Everything We Can, To Make Boating Better’. This implies the best quality products, services and support, to create safety and environmental awareness and in general promote a better nautical experience for all stakeholders.
This is why, Exalto Emirates has a striking and unique slogan — ‘We Are On Board!’. In simple words, it means the company is on board with you — together with you, in the same boat with its products and services — on a journey towards the same destination, ensuring that your customer experience is smooth sailing in every way.

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