GDRFA-Dubai airport centre can get your expired passport renewed within 10 minutes – Gulf News

Facility serves 400 customers a day, handling 3,200 passport renewals this year
Dubai: The Customer Happiness Centre of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affair (GDRFA) — Dubai at Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport welcomes around 400 customers daily, offering a variety of services such as issuing entry permits, and renewing and cancelling residency permits, among others.
The centre has helped many people during the travel season this year and offered services to Emiratis, residents and tourists. Lieutenant Colonel Jassim Ali Ahli, Deputy Assistant Manager of Customers Happiness Centres at GDRFA-Dubai, said the centre, which was launched in 2014, offers all GDFRA-Dubai services, including key services such as entry permit services and renewal of passports for Emiratis.

According to official figures, the centre has renewed 3,200 passports of Emiratis in the first half of this year, including 1,296 passports in July this year — a 100 per cent increase over June 2021 figures, when the centre had renewed 562 passports of Emiratis.
“The centre offers quick solutions to Emiratis with expired passports. Many of them are often shocked and surprised when, upon arrival at the airport, they suddenly realise that their passports have either expired or are close to the expiry date. The centre eases their worries by completing the renewal process within just 10 minutes, thereby ensuring that the person can travel safely,” said Lt Col Ahli.
He added that the centre renews passports of Emiratis from all emirates round the clock. “The centre has an online service to renew passports via the smart app of GDRFA-Dubai. We attend to the renewal request and deliver the passport to the customer without any delay.”
According to GDRFA-Dubai, the service centre at the airport was established in 2014, under the directives of Lieutenant General Mohammad Ahmad Al Marri, General Director of GDRFA-Dubai, to make it stand out as a key service point that offers crucial services to customers, especially passengers.
“The centre helps solve problems related to immigration clearance while travelling. It eases the procedures for the airlines,” said Lt Col Ahli. Moreover, employees at the centre answer queries from customers and guide them as and when required.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, the centre followed all the prescribed precautionary measures to ensure the safety of employees and customers alike, such as providing masks, hand sanitisers and maintaining social distance. Stickers were placed on the seats and floors and the premises were sanitised repeatedly.
“The centre welcomes around 400 customers per day. We increased the number of employees to complete transactions faster, thereby reducing waiting time and limiting customer numbers to just 10 people at a time during the pandemic,” said Lt Col Ahli.
The centre provides special platforms to serve the elderly and people of determination.

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