India: Kerala man orders passport cover, finds passport in it – Gulf News

Man who ordered cover first returned it with his passport as he wasn’t satisfied with item
Thiruvananthapuram: Mithun Babu from Wayanad, Kerala, ordered a passport cover from a popular e-commerce site on October 30 and received the product on November 1.
To his surprise when he opened the passport cover, he found that a passport was in it. He thought that it was a dummy passport to keep the pouch intact but later he found it to be a genuine passport of a native of Thrissur district in Kerala.
He immediately got in touch with the customer care of the e-commerce portal but they said that they would be more careful hereafter and did not give any solution to deliver the passport to the actual owner.
Mithun took initiative and contacted the passport owner who informed him that he had ordered a passport pouch from the e-commerce portal and returned it later after finding the product not satisfactory. Unintentionally he despatched the passport along with the pouch.
Mithun Babu couriered the passport to its owner, Mohammed Shiaz in Thrissur but the e-commerce site did not respond to his repeated requests.
The issue has gone viral on social media but the e-commerce company remained silent.
There were several such instances of e-commerce companies delivering wrong products to consumers instead of what they had ordered.

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