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Prahlad was 33-years-old when he went missing from his village
Sagar: Prahlad Rajput, a mentally challenged man from Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh, was finally released from a Pakistani jail after 23 years.
He had gone missing from his village in Sagar district but the Indian government only came to know years later that he had crossed the border to Pakistan.
Prahlad is a resident of Ghosi Patti village in Sagar district. After he had reportedly gone missing the Madhya Pradesh authorities tried hard to trace him but were unsuccessful.
Prahlad has got a fresh lease of life as he returned to his homeland after spending 23 years in prison in a foreign land. He has lost his mother who kept waiting for his return to India.
Superintendent of Police (SP) Atul Singh said, “In 1998 Prahlad suddenly went missing as he was mentally weak. Even after thorough investigation, we could not find him. Then suddenly in 2014 we came to know that Prahlad is lodged in a Pakistan jail after which constant efforts for his release were made by the Indian government. The Madhya Pradesh Police and Sagar district SP launched rigorous efforts for Prahlad’s return to his homeland. At last these efforts have been successful.”
According to Singh, “Prahlad was released from a Pakistan jail on Monday after 23 years. He was handed over to Gourjhamar’s Sub Inspector Arvind Singh, Constable Anil Singh and Prahlad’s brother Veer Singh at the Wagah-Atari border. As Veer Singh saw his brother Prahlad after several years, his eyes filled with tears and he hugged the latter”
Veer Singh said that his mother was looking forward to the return of her son Prahlad, but she passed away five years ago. “But today my mother’s dream has been fulfilled as Prahlad has returned to his home. For facilitating Prahlad’s return I thank the state administration. On Prahlad’s return, there are celebrations and happiness within our family and the entire village,” Veer Singh said.
Prahlad was 33-years-old when he went missing from his village. He has turned 56 now but the most comforting feeling is that he has returned to his homeland.

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