Indian expatriate in Ras Al Khaimah wins Dh12 million in latest Big Ticket draw – Gulf News

Abu Mohammed had bought the lucky ticket on August 30
Dubai: Abu Mohammed, an Indian expatriate living in Ras Al Khaimah, has won Dh12 million in the latest Big Ticket draw held in Abu Dhabi today. Mohammed had purchased the ticket with four of his colleagues and will be sharing his prize purse.
The winning ticket number was 027700, bought on August 30.
The Big Ticket draw is held on the third of every month in Abu Dhabi.
When host Richard called him, the winner, Abu Mohammed, immediately recognised his voice. He was elated to hear about his win. Mohammed had purchased the ticket with four of his colleagues and will be sharing his winnings.
Mohammed lives with his wife, mother and two daughters in Ras Al Khaimah. He works in a shipping company as an operations coordinator. He has been participating in the Big Ticket draw along with his colleagues for more than a year now.
Mohammed was not watching the live show today, but one of his friends was watching it. The tearful friend, who too had a stake in the prize, was emotional when he informed Mohammed about the win.
Mohamned said he has not taken any decision on what the four friends will do with the prize money.
In the next Big Ticket draw, one lucky winner will walk away with Dh10 million. Other prizes include Dh1 million as the second prize. Six other cash prizes will also be given away. One lucky winner will also win a Range Rover car.

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