Israeli president and Jordan king hold secret talks – Gulf News

‘Jordan is a very important country. I have immense respect for King Abdullah’
Jerusalem: Israeli President Isaac Herzog met in secret with King Abdullah II of Jordan in Amman, he revealed on Saturday, against the backdrop of improving diplomatic ties between the two countries.
“Last week I met and had a very long conversation with the king of Jordan, I was in his palace, an entire evening. It was an excellent meeting,” Herzog said in clips from an interview broadcast on Saturday on Israeli television.
The entire interview will be shown on Sunday, the eve of the Jewish new year which begins on Monday evening.
“Jordan is a very important country. I have immense respect for King Abdullah, a great leader and a highly significant regional actor,” Herzog said in a statement issued by his office.
The statement spoke of a “warm meeting, held at the king’s invitation”, during which the two discussed “deep strategic issues”.
“Among the things we discussed were the core issues in the dialogue between our states, including an agreement to import agricultural produce during the shemitah (agricultural sabbatical) year, energy issues, sustainability, and solutions to the climate crisis that we can advance together,” the statement said.
Jordan and Egypt are the only two countries bordering Israel to have signed peace treaties with the Jewish state.
Israel-Jordan relations deteriorated under the premiership of Benjamin Netanyahu.
However, shortly after he took office in June, new Prime Minister Naftali Bennett flew to Amman for talks with King Abdullah.
In July, the two countries agreed that Israel would sell 50 million cubic metres of water a year to Jordan, in addition to the 55 million cubic metres it already provides free of charge.
Under this agreement, Jordan is allowed to increase its exports to Palestinians in the West Bank, which Israel has occupied since 1967.

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