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Be careful not to get distracted by Angry Birds or Candy Crush
I have found that one can study and learn anything online and change oneself for the better.
The one good thing about the World Wide Web is that there are so many online courses for anything you wish to learn, and experts say that it is possible to acquire even a new language in six months.
Say you wish to change how you look or completely become a new person, from a T to T 2.0, there are online teachers who will help you make that exciting journey to a better, personable and cheery you, who loves people.
The online lessons are not limited to psychology, but also help you deal with things like back pain, that comes from lugging a personal missile launcher wherever you go.
Trainers will show how to strengthen the lower back muscles that are making you stoop and give you that excruciating pain when firing the missile.
The exercises are easy and can be done by anyone, anywhere. Just whip out your exercise mat and do three sets of 12 repetitions and the personal trainers guarantee you a pain-free existence.
You and I do not have that kind of staff to help us change, but we luckily have the internet.
Many of you will make excuses and say there are wars to attend and battles to be fought, but that is exactly the same kind of talk you will hear from CEOs of companies and executives that run large corporations — that they do not have time.
Granted that each of us have limited number of hours each day, but nobody can work for 24 hours a day and there are ways to take time out to learn something new. The one thing many of us lack is proper time management.
The time managers will show you how to take a few minutes to find a quiet corner, whip out your iPad or smartphone and learn a trick or two to becoming someone whom everyone loves.
They will tell you that nobody, really nobody, ever said when they are dying, that they wished they had spent more time in the office, or working.
While we are on the subject of looking good, there are sections of the internet where you can learn self-grooming and taking care of our wild and uncombed hair and scraggy beards to a more trimmed and dashing you.
When the fighting is over and the battle is done, one has to know how to be diplomatic and present your case in the UN and stop countries from putting sanctions on you.
For that you have to look good. No one is saying that you have to look hot, just presentable, and wear trousers that are of the right length and not ones that hang below your knees like some teen in the Bronx.
I believe the latest trend is colouring your hair and some stylists will advise a yellow-blond, just like the cute and legendary Indian cricketer M.S. Dhoni.
So, the takeaway from all this is that it is not too late to change and it can be done by just spending a few hours on the internet.
But be careful not to get distracted by Angry Birds or Candy Crush, because time would have passed so fast and the day’s fighting would have been done, even while you are playing online games or watching some reality show.
Mahmood Saberi is a storyteller and blogger based in Bengaluru, India. Twitter: @mahmood_saberi

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