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Seeking the Sweetness of Iman
Relocating, Studying Islam Abroad and More…
Some brothers and sisters apply for a job and then just take a back seat, only willing to move if they get a reply or a follow-up interview. You may think you don’t have adequate qualifications and not even apply however, still try! Employers often bend their own rules when it comes to hiring. I can not reiterate how important it is to not just stop there, if you believe this is the move for you, you have made istikhara and want to take your asbab. There are many routes. If Allah wants it for you, no one can stop it! Go to various companies you think you could work with and message them directly on their website or get their emails and send them an email. This needs time, dedication, and moreover tawfeeq from Allah.
Make sure your CV is nice, neat, and organized. Search for jobs online via the websites below, say Bismillah and apply:
There are many online groups on Facebook that are always advertising vacancies, join them and post an advert. It is also very good to network with those around you to see if they know people who may know people who have any vacancies. English teachers are in high demand here in Qatar and I will make a separate post about teaching in Qatar inshaAllah as it needs depth.
I always advise people to keep a portfolio of all their work they have done, especially projects or events that highlights ones skill as this can really show a potential employer your capabilities.
DISCLAIMER: The above mentioned links may contain jobs that may not be Islamically compliant, please make sure you check everything out thoroughly before moving forward. We aim to attain taqwa inshaAllah which is similar to being careful whilst walking through a thorn-ridden path so even the little things count.
Seeking the Sweetness of Iman
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A mix of sisters’ personal experiences on living and studying our beautiful deen in various countries.
There is no rest in residence for a person of culture and intellect, so travel and leave where you’re residing!
Travel! You will find a replacement for what you have left.
And strive! The sweetness of life is in striving!
I’ve seen that water stagnates if still becomes pure if it runs, but not if it doesn’t flow
Imam Ash-Shafii


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