Oman declares September as ‘patient safety month’ – Gulf News

Oman will be participating in World Patient Safety Day on September 17
Muscat: Oman’s Ministry of Health has declared September as national month for patient safety in the Sultanate, with a stack of programmes and activities targeting all health workers and community members.
Dr Qamra bint Saeed, Director General of the Quality Assurance Centre at the Ministry of Health, said Oman will be participating in the World Patient Safety Day on September 17. Dr Qamra pointed out the designation of the World Patient Safety Day by the World Health Organisation in 2019 helps member countries to share the global understanding of the patient safety perspective. It aims at increasing community involvement in safe health care, and reduce the harm that may be caused to patients.
Participation through a designated day such as this also gives Oman an opportunity to highlight its achievements in the field of patient safety as well as exchange knowledge that will help improve the work of the health system.
Oman started at the end of 2015 to implement the Patient Safety Friendly Hospital Initiative that was initiated by Ministry of Health and other health institutions.
The initiative was developed to provide the health system with top quality of medical services for patient safety. Several private hospitals and government hospitals have completed the implementation of the initiative, which were evaluated by World Health Organisation as well as by Oman’s Ministry of Health.

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