Oman: Entry to hypermarkets, restaurants only for vaccinated people – Gulf News

Non-vaccinated expat residents can return to Oman but must quarantine
Muscat: Starting today, only vaccinated people can enter hypermarkets, commercial establishments, coffee shops and restaurants across Oman. Visitors to any hypermarket or coffee shops will have to show proof of vaccination to be allowed entry.
The Tarassud+ app, which is now on every resident and citizens’ smartphone and records the vaccination report, should be shown where required. Saved screen-shots clearly showing the QR code are also accepted. The decision follows the directive of the Supreme Committee in charge of monitoring COVID-19 developments in the Sultanate. Oman opened its international borders for normal operations from today, after nearly four months of close-down.
Malls will be implementing the rule of entry for vaccinated public from September 15. Vaccination is going on at a feverish pitch in Oman, with various target groups being given free jabs, apart from the ones being given in private clinics and hospitals upon payment.
A recent communication shared by Government Communication Centre said that subject to condition of undergoing a 7-day mandatory institutional quarantine, even non-vaccinated expat residents can return to Oman. This holds good for those who have taken one dose of the vaccine from Oman, and were unable to get their second jab from elsewhere.
“Expat residents working in government and private sector establishments, holding valid Oman residency permits, who have taken one dose of vaccine from Oman and are not able to obtain the second dose in their countries are allowed to come. They must take PCR before entering Oman, and also take a PCR test upon arrival and must wear an electronic tracking bracelet. They must also go into mandatory 7-day institutional quarantine.”

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