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While the global COVID-19 outbreak is severely affecting health sectors worldwide, the pandemic has also had an unprecedented affect on the global economic situation.
Both in the UAE, and around the world, employees have been furloughed, taken pay cuts and many are now even out of work. It’s been estimated by the International Labour Organisation that 2.7 billion people globally have lost their jobs.
However, despite the economic downturn there are some industries which are in need of workers including e-commerce, logistics, sales, IT, insurance, medical and more.
Similarly technology sectors are looking for professionals as well as finance industries.
So if you are currently on the job hunt, ensure your LinkedIn profile is totally up-to-date, as well as your CV and your online portfolio, if needed. Here’s some places you can search for new positions.
Also keep an eye out on Facebook groups in the local area as there are often jobs popping up from people posting in groups, and similarly there is no harm in posting that you’re looking for work either. You can also try and reach out to companies directly to see if they’re hiring.
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