Platon Life is opening its subsidiary in Dubai – Gulf News

The branch will serve as a gateway for the fast developing digital markets of the region
Upon a successful presentation of Platon Life’s vision during the Ritossa family 14th Global Investment Summit, Platon Life is thrilled to announce the opening of its branch in Dubai. The Dubai branch will serve as a gateway for the fast developing digital markets of the Middle East.
Julia and Daniel Tanner, founders of the company Platon Life, presented the vision of Platon Life during Ritossa Family 14th Global Investment Summit. The 14th Global Investment Summit in Dubai was under the auspices of the Ritossa family and invited prestigious private investors, sheikhs, royal families and leading companies from more than 30 countries, representing a total wealth of more than $ 4.5 trillion.
Upon a successful presentation of the main vision of Platon Life, Julia and Daniel Tanner decided to open up a branch in Dubai to promote further knowledge and adoption of digital currencies and their advantages, educate the public and companies and offer new opportunities to all by promoting the main ideas of Platon Life to the Middle East.
Platon Life is a Central European fintech startup whose main idea is to introduce digital currencies to companies and the general public by providing user-friendly, secure solutions for B2B and B2C operations. Platon Finance has developed these solutions based on blockchain technology using the PlatonCoin digital token together with strong partners such as Microsoft, Symantec and others.
Platon Life offers unique insurance for its digital wallet by a renowned European insurance company with collateral in the London market, while all data is secured by software security company Symantec. The digital wallet already meets all the requirements of KYC and AML and offers for example the following cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, PLTC, BCH, XLM, USDT, UNI, LINK.
PlatonCoin (PLTC) from Platon Life is one of the new generation of digital currencies. PlatonCoin enables holders to participate in the entire ecosystem, also called Platon Life, by maximizing the ease of use of the cryptocurrency for both the public and businesses.

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