RTA and Uber join hands to impart better training to chauffeurs in Dubai – Gulf News

Move aimed at raising comfort, convenience of residents and visitors using taxi services
Dubai: Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has signed an agreement with Uber, an e-hailing service provider, to enhance the training of chauffeurs of RTA limousines.
“This initiative stems from RTA’s keenness to enhance the level of services delivered to all community segments. It is part of RTA’s efforts to realise the government directives to make concerted efforts and strategies to transform Dubai into the smartest and happiest city in the world,” said Ahmed Hashim Bahrozyan, CEO of Public Transport Agency, RTA.
“Smart mobility is one of the key pillars of smart cities. As such, this agreement with Uber opens a new channel that will contribute to the happiness of residents using taxi and limousine services. Besides offering a superb service to tourists and residents, the step is poised to enrich the experience of customers, serve their needs and raise their satisfaction and happiness. Thus, it contributes to realising the vision of RTA to become ‘The World Leader in Seamless & Sustainable Mobility’.
“Under the agreement, a smart video-based training methodology will be set up and will be integrated to RTA’s official drivers’ training programme. The methodology will be delivered to existing and new chauffeurs and added to the basic training courses delivered to drivers. A short and intensive methodology will be set up for the complimentary training courses called ‘Uber Methodology’, added Bahrozyan.
Saad Pal, general manager of Uber for Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan, said: “We are keen to work with RTA in delivering more accessible technological services to all riders of limousines in the emirate in a bid to make our innovative solutions more compatible to the city of Dubai. We repose full confidence in the efforts of RTA in training and qualifying drivers to deal with technologies and smart mobility, which will add to the quality of services and focus on the comfort, happiness and satisfaction of riders. Our long-term partnership with RTA bears reference to the importance of cooperation between public and private entities to achieve a better future through smooth mobility and safer roads.”

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