Saudi Arabia ensures whistleblower anonymity – Gulf News

Information on corruption can be provided without giving a name
Dubai: Saudi Arabia’s Oversight and Anti-Corruption Authority (Nazaha) has ensured the confidentiality of whistleblowers who report corruption will be maintained.
“No whistleblower will be harmed because of his report,” it said while urging the public to report corruption, deficiency in services or work procedures, or stalled projects.
Nazaha stressed that a whistleblower can provide the information they have about corruption without disclosing their name, provided that the information is searchable and traceable so that the authority can take the necessary measures.
The anti-corruption agency receives reports on suspicions financial and administrative corruption, and the bodies that come under its jurisdiction include public authorities, and companies in which the state owns at least 25 per cent of its capital.
In the past few days, Nazaha initiated a number of financial and administrative corruption cases against dozens of citizens and residents, including officers and employees in ministries and government agencies with financial amounts exceeding 340.5 million riyals.

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