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Keep your home tidy without exerting effort, through a robot vacuum
Love to host parties but dreading cleaning up, afterward? Fear not, thanks to robot vacuum cleaners. You don’t need to turn into pre-ball Cinderella when these smart devices can take care of your chores for you. You can schedule a cleaning session, control it through voice commands, and even get your robot vacuum to clean the whole house stealthily at night. Buy any of these top-rated robot vacuum cleaners with Amazon Prime and get it delivered to you the next day.
If you have lots of low clearance furniture at home, then this Eufy Robot is great to get rid of dust, debris, and strands of hair around the house.
Clean the entire home with this silent robot vacuum cleaner that effectively picks dust, food particles and hair from the floor. The super-thin RoboVac by Eufy has a body width of 2.8 inches, making it ideal for low-clearance furniture. The BoostIQ Technology of the RoboVac 30C will automatically increase suction power within 1.5 seconds when extra vacuuming strength is needed. It has a high suction power of 1300 pascals (Pa). The robot vacuum cleaner comes with WiFi connectivity that allows mobile app control and voice assistant compatibility. It can work up to 100 hours in total and comes with a charging base and remote control.
The robot vacuum cleaner is not suitable to use on a high-pile carpet. Further, to avoid wires and cables from getting caught and entangled in the machine, you’ll need to make sure nothing is tossed on the floor while the machine is on. Some have also found that the eufy app provides inconsistent notifications and is perplexing to use.
Warranty: 12-month warranty offered by the manufacturer.
Ideal for anyone who has a small to medium floor space, and needs a less expensive but powerful robot vacuum cleaner.
There is probably no better robot vacuum cleaner in the market today than this Mijia robot vacuum cleaner that offers both wet and dry cleaning options and a powerful 2200Pa motor. The vacuum goes back-to-front when doing a dry clean and follows through by mopping. The vacuum cleaner uses 12 sensors and intelligent routing algorithms to chart a path around your house. You can monitor its progress in real-time and set cleaning schedules on the Mi Home app. The Mijia 1C has four cleaning modes, which include quiet, standard, mid-range, and strong. When fully charged, the vacuum can last up to an hour and a half. After that, it will return to its base by itself until it is charged and the cleaning continues.
Warranty: Amazon offers a one-year extended warranty for Dh40 and a two-year extended warranty for Dh50.
The budget-conscious buyer who has pets or lots of carpets in their home needs this high-duction vacuum cleaner for daily maintenance.
The Proscenic 850T is a hybrid robot vacuum and mop that supports various features such as Wi-Fi connectivity and voice assistant compatibility. Set up the ProscenicHome app to start, stop and dock the cleaner using voice control. It is a great choice for everyday vacuuming and mopping with its high-intensity 3,000Pa suction. When the vacuum cleaner runs over a carpet, the device automatically increases its suction power. The battery in the Proscenic 850T lasts up to 120 minutes and has four modes, including Auto, Spot, Edge, and Mopping.
Don’t rely on the mopping of the Proscenic 850T too much as it cannot apply pressure and remove tough stains. Further, the vacuum cleaner doesn’t have mapping capability to better navigate around your home.
Warranty: 12-month warranty offered by the manufacturer.
If you’re looking to save time with a self-emptying dust bin in your vacuum cleaner, then this Uoni V980 Plus Robot Vacuum cleaner is the one for you.
Imagine a vacuum cleaner that cleans up after itself. What more do you need? The Uoni V980 Plus includes a collector to discharge dirt automatically. After cleaning, the robot returns to the dock in reverse, and the dock turns on its high-power suction to remove the dust from within the robot’s dustbin. The dust is sucked out and retained in a bag inside the dock, which has a large capacity of 4,300ml and which can be replaced after about 10-30 cleaning sessions. You can sweep and mop at the same time with this vacuum. Another noteworthy feature of the vacuum is the Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) mapping technology which works very fast and accurately. Combined with sensors on the front, the robot does a great job of avoiding large objects and furniture. It has a suction power of 2,700Pa, a run time of 190 minutes, and is perfect for cleaning dust, hair, crumbs, and dirt perfectly.
While the dust collector in the robot vacuum is automatic, the water tank for mopping has to be refilled manually.
The Deebot Ozmo is great if you have some stubborn stains in your carpets and tiles.
Deebot Ozmo T8 AIVI is a robot vacuum that also mops your floors. It also has the advantage of artificial intelligence and visual interpretation (AIVI) technology to automatically identify and avoid obstacles while moving around. Connect this device to WiFi, and voice assistants, such as Alexa and Google, to control cleaning schedules using your voice. Download the Ecovacs Home app and explore Advanced Mode in the app, which lets you set virtual boundaries for the robot to avoid and choose specific areas and rooms that you want to be cleaned. If your home has more than one story, you can also enable a Multi-Floor Map feature to create maps of each level. The Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo’s battery lasts for 180 minutes with a single round of charge, using high-suction power.
Although the price of the vacuum is on the higher side, you will also need to separately buy the auto-empty station. Further, the AI of the device is reportedly slow and its mopping function uses water and not any cleaning solution.
Another budget-friendly vacuum cleaner, this is perfect for a person who wants a clean sweep of their home, every day.
The robotic vacuum cleaner comes with a 2-in-1 dust bin and water tank with a mop. The cleaner provides a powerful 2,500Pa suction, allowing it to suck up all dust, dirt and debris. Since it is only 2.87 inches in height, the robot vacuum is well-suited for cleaning under furniture, even under sofas. The vacuum has 3 adjustable levels for its mopping function, which can be adjusted in the process of cleaning. You can give voice commands to Google and Alexa or control it with a remote control. The battery life lasts up to 150 minutes of continuous cleaning. The robot vacuum will automatically go back to the charging base when the battery runs out or when it finishes cleaning.
The dust bin has a capacity of just 400ml and has to be emptied quite often.
If you have hardwood or tiled floors, then this low-suction vacuum and mop cleaner is the best option.
The iLife V5s is the most affordable option for a robot vacuum cleaner and mop. It has a dry dustbin with a capacity of 300ml, and a water tank of 300ml, too. Advanced i-Dropping technology wets the mop thoroughly, making mopping more efficient and reliable. The vacuum has four cleaning modes, including Max, Auto, Spot, and Edge. The suction power of iLife V5s is 850Pa, which makes it less noisy. Its battery life lasts up to 250 to 300 minutes. Overall, the iLife V5s Pro ensures better navigation, improved vacuuming and mopping performance, and longer battery life.
The iLife V5s does not have any smartphone control or mapping feature.
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