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Logistics, sales, IT and insurance industry experience surge in employment
Dubai: Jobs have been lost, people are facing serious pay cuts. The global coronavirus pandemic has triggered very difficult economic times. However, there is hope.
While some sectors have seen a high unemployment rate , there are other areas that have seen a rise in demand.
It might seem hard to believe, but even in the age of COVID-19, there are jobs that are not just available but in such high demand that companies are experiencing a shortage in staff.
So, here is how you can plan to get your next job during the coronavirus pandemic, if you have relevant experience or the necessary skill set.
There are several online portals that you can use to set up a professional profile, including government job portals and industry specific ones. So, if you are looking for a job, here are some of the ways in which you can start your job hunt.
Federal Government job portal – Federal Authority for Government Human Resources
Emirates Job Bank, for UAE nationals interested in applying for jobs offered by government entities and the private sector.
Tawteen Gate, Ministry of Human Resources snd Emiratisation (MOHRE) service for UAE nationals only
Virtual Job Market by MOHRE
Abu Dhabi Government job portal
Dubai Careers – Dubai Government job portal
For hospitality industry:
For maids
A more traditional approach could also help you go further in your job hunt. By doing an online search for jobs in your sector and reaching out to companies within industries that are experiencing a rise in employment opportunities, you can adopt a more focussed approach to your job hunt.
According to Abbas Ali, Senior Vice President of sales at TASC Outsourcing, a staffing firm based in the UAE, there are certain sectors that have seen a surge in job opportunities.
“Demand in the industry sector is huge, particularly in e-commerce. We are getting a lot of enquiries for high-end technology professionals who can help companies through their digital transformation, as almost every company tries to brush up their online presence. This is also an area where we are able to recruit people working remotely, whether they are in India or in Romania. Whenever the borders open, these professionals will fly in but for the time being they are working remotely,” he said.
Another sector experiencing a high demand is logistics and delivery.
“Everybody needs a driver right now as well as warehouse helpers, and people who can support logistics,” he added.
Bana Shomali, founder of, a digital marketplace for home services, said that the home service industry also appeared to be resilient to the pandemic crisis.
“Demand for home services like moving, maintenance, electrical, plumbing, pest control, and home cleaning is still strong despite the crisis. While we saw some initial slowdown in demand from customers at the start of the movement restrictions, demand for these essential services are now back to pre-coronavirus levels,” Shomali said.
“In terms of services that saw an increase in demand – we have found that deep cleaning, disinfection and sanitisation services, across homes and offices have surged in demand. We are currently handling eight times the usual demand for these services. This is a precautionary disinfection service that homes and offices are requesting to ensure that their residences and workplaces are virus- and germ-free. We expect that this service will remain essential over the next six to 12 months,” she added.
So, if you are wondering if you would be able to capitalise on any of these jobs that are in demand, here is a list of all the occupations:
“What we have noticed is that businesses are currently asking how they can get the right technology in place to provide their products and services online. So, if you are a technology expert you should be sprucing up your online profile, adding details of what kind of work you have done and updating your LinkedIn profile,” Ali said.
“In the current scenario because cash is tight, we are seeing a lot of companies hiring credit controllers who can manage the finances and make sense of the data to help companies make better financial decisions,” Ali said.
If you have a UAE motorcycle or driving licence, one sector that has seen a huge demand is transportation, with many establishments offering home delivery options. Also, if you have any experience in retail and promotion, you should reach out to online marketplaces, whether it is food delivery or general websites, to find out if they are hiring, according to Ali.
“If you were working in a souq, and have experience with retail and promotion, try to make a shift to e-retailers,” he said.
“Many third-party insurance providers have requested for staff that can help them deal with the surge in claims they are experiencing. While having experience in insurance can help your chances of getting hired, any person with experience in processing transactions, whether having worked in banks or pharmacies, can also try to apply for such jobs,” Ali said.
“We are seeing a rise in demand for medical professionals, not necessarily from hospitals and clinics but from corporates. Many corporates need nurses as they are going to do basic health checks for their employees each day. So, if you are currently a licensed nurse taking a break, there is a lot of demand in your sector,” Ali said.
Even if you do not have the necessary qualification for technical jobs like disinfection, the industry also requires support and business development staff, according to Shomali.
“Technical jobs do require specific qualifications and certifications, within maintenance, especially. However, other jobs in the industry such as operations, business development and project management will only require expertise in that industry or a similar one. So, you would need relevant experience in any industry that is focused around manpower, operations or construction,” she said.
“For technicians or cleaners who are looking to enter or re-enter the home service industry, our recommendation would be to seek employment with licensed home services companies. The home services industry is regulated in the UAE and only companies with the correct licensing are allowed to perform these services. Furthermore, licensed companies can provide technicians and cleaners with financial security, workman insurance, and health insurance, which are critical for their security and safety as they perform these jobs,” she added.
Shomali also cautioned residents against using third party websites for domestic workers, whether full-time or part-time.
“Licensed companies are protecting their workers and customers by doing daily temperature checks, making sure their staff have the right PPE (personal protective equipment like masks and gloves), sanitising dormitories and vehicles multiple times a week, and giving their workers paid sick leave and health insurance to stay healthy and safe,” she said.
With remote work now being a norm, Ali said that stay-at-home mums who want to enter the job market should sharpen their CVs and apply for jobs that match their profile.
“The pandemic has opened up a huge opportunity for them, if they had stopped working because they could not go to the office earlier. They are now also potential candidates to fill in any job vacancies as everyone is accepting working from home. If you have a good skill set, you can give the employer a cost advantage as you are working from home and anyone who can do that in this tough time is a good candidate,” Ali added.
The economic impact of the pandemic, quite like its impact on public health, has been global. According to the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the preventive measures taken by governments globally have led to 2.7 billion workers being without a job, adding that an estimated 1.25 billion workers, representing almost 38 per cent of the global workforce, are employed in sectors that are now facing a severe decline in output and face a high risk of workforce displacement.
However, by adopting a more strategic approach to your job profile and taking the time out to work on any skills that may help you transition to a sector that is hiring, you can use the change in the workforce to your advantage.

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