Watch: Antelope on loose spotted in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – Gulf News

Environment police act to handle the animal
Cairo: Saudi Arabia’s environment police were alerted that an antelope was seen on the loose in the capital Riyadh, an official said.
In response, the Special Forces for Environmental Security (SFES) acted in coordination with the National Wildfire Centre to handle the animal after it was spotted in a Riyadh district, SFES spokesman Major Raed Al Maliki added. The official did not say if the antelope was caught.
“Environmental systems ban approaching wildlife creatures by catching or chasing them in wildlife or residential surroundings,” he said.
The official urged members of the public to make reports on spotting wild animals to authorities by dialing 911 in the Saudi cities of Mecca and Riyadh, and 999 in other parts of the kingdom.
The environment system in Saudi Arabia bans keeping wild animals. Violations are punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a maximum fine of SR30 million.
In April, Saudi authorities warned against illegal rearing of predators after a lion mauled its keeper to death in Riyadh.
The illegal purchase of wild animals is believed to have thrived due to social media where they are marketed.

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