Webinar discusses how taxis will be managed beyond COVID-19 – Gulf News

Impact of COVID-19 on taxi ridership, hygiene measures among issues discussed
Dubai: The MENA Centre for Transport Excellence (CTE) recently held an online training programme titled “Strategies for Managing Taxi Beyond COVID-19”, in collaboration with Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC).
The virtual training, held over a period of four days, comprised eight sessions covering various titles and diverse topics about the business of the taxi sector. The event, which was held remotely via video communication, engaged experts, specialists and participants from around the globe.
Topics discussed included the impact of COVID-19 on ridership and finance, post COVID-19 trends and zero-emission vehicles and their effects.
RTA has established the MENA Centre for Transport Excellence in collaboration with UITP (International Association of Public Transport). The initiative has rendered it a hub for professional research and the exchange of field knowledge to establish a host of channels for organising transportation and preparing reports about mobility policies in the region.
Mohammed Obaid Al Mulla, UITP chairman MENA Division and chairperson of the Coordinative Committee of the MENA Centre for Transport Excellence, expressed satisfaction with the success of the webinar. He said: “From inception, MENA Centre for Transport Excellence has been cooperating with the UITP in delivering training courses and workshops that match the trends of the public transport industry worldwide.”

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